Optimal neutrition is key

Our Approach

High Fibre

Dietary fibers are eliminated from modern food due to palatabality issues. These fibers need to be supplemented in most countries. That is why we focus on:

Highly viscous performance fibres to prevent metabolic desease

Low Glycemic Load

Low carb and sugar reduction is not the full story. Blood sugar-pushing is defined by the foods glycemic load (GL). GL is highly individual, that is why we provide:

Personalized GL-based counselling to integrate high-fibre low-glycemic-load food into your daily diet



Our clinically validated and patentened fiber drink. With REDIA once or twice daily, it is easy to achieve metabolically effective fiber supplementation.


Our personalized neutrition guidance. Based on individual glycemic load assessment, we will provide live expert counselling.


Our high-fiber low-glycemic load approach packed into a delicios snack. It can be eaten anytime without worries of false neutrition.

The Team